A Simple Way to Use an Embroidered Patch- Part Two

In the first part of this blog post I repaired a torn knee using a square embroidered patch. I “back applied” the patch, or attached it to the jeans on the inside.


As I mentioned in the first post, these jeans also have large oil stains on the thighs. (This is my guess as to what they are- maybe a nervous habit of wiping my hands off on my jeans?)

 grey jeans with stains

I decided to use matching patches to cover up the stains, which brings me to the other simple way to use an embroidered patch- by sewing it down on top of the area that needs repair.


I used 8” x 8” black canvas patches with embroidered chevron v’s, similar to the patches available in my shop, but with dark grey thread. I decided to press the edges of the patch under for a clean finish, making it just under 7” by 7”.


Making sure the patches were placed evenly, I pinned them to my jeans with safety pins and tried them on to make sure I like the placement. After confirming the placement was to my liking, I drew guidelines on with a fabric marking pencil, spaced ½” apart.


 hand embroidered patch safety pinned to grey jeans

Following the previously drawn guidelines, I used a sashiko style running stitch to secure them to the jeans. I used the same color thread as the embroidered v’s.

 grey hand embroidered patch hand stitched to grey jeans

They feel super sturdy now! And if I do unconsciously go to wipe my hands on my pants, I now have the lovely texture created by the stitches to feel instead.

grey jeans patched with hand embroidered patches

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