Mending Services

Do you have clothing or other textiles that need some love and attention?

I offer mending services to patch, darn and/or embroider your clothes and textiles. 


If you are local to Albuquerque, bring your items to my booth at any of the markets listed below and we can discuss options. Please note I am only at these markets on the dates listed, so please check before coming!


We can also arrange a time to meet outside of market dates if you prefer, just e-mail me at to set something up.

If you'd like to get the process jump started, please feel free to e-mail me and include some photos ahead of time at


If you are outside of the area (but still within the United States), please e-mail me at with some photos of what you need repaired.


Feel free to look through photos below or at my Instagram feed for inspiration, and I will let you know if it can be applied to your repair. Or if you have no idea at all, that's fine too! I will give suggestions for which mending technique I think is best.

I am happy to discuss options and give quotes free of charge and with no obligation, so please don't hesitate to reach out. 

If you choose to go ahead with the mends I offer, payment will be due ahead of time, and turn around time will be 1-2 weeks. 

Please make sure items are clean before handing them off.


Please make sure you fully understand the agreed upon repairs for your garment/textiles; once mending has begun there will be no refunds. If you are unsatisfied with how your mend turns out, we can work together to come up with an appropriate fix.

Please understand that because of the nature of fabric and textiles, once they begin to deteriorate, more worn areas will soon follow. While I cannot be held responsible for the further natural wear and tear of your garments, I am happy to offer my mending services as many times as you would like to continue. 

In the unlikely case that I cause damage to your garment/textile, I hold my self responsible to properly fix the issue, at no further cost to you. 


Best for fixing holes in woven fabrics; applied from top or back; with or without sashiko-style stitching

back thighs of jeans with sashiko inspired stitching for reinforcement

close up of magenta jeans patched with colorful fabric and running stitches

close up of cream and blue striped pillow with small cream patches

close up of red handkerchief patches with yellow pineapple fabric

close up of white t-shirt with small striped circle patches


"Needle weaving" thread to reinforce worn fabric or fill over a small hole; usually by hand but reinforcement can be done by machine in heavier woven fabrics

close up of child's knee in teal leggings, leggings are reinforced with teal stitching in the shape of a heart

close up of grey kids sweatpants reinforced with grey stitching

close up of darned hole on floral sweatpants in pink and grey

close up of toes in purple socks with yellow and brown darning

close up of denim jeans reinforced with layers of machine stitching


Add embroidery to your clothes or textiles (my designs included, or another shape of your choosing), great for covering small holes and stains or "just because"

black square patch with hand embroidered plum colored dandelion

square black and cream patches with pink and robin's egg blue hand embroidered poppies

black and white striped fabric wall hanging with sage colored hand embroidered flowers

square denim patch with hand stitched abstract mountains and sun

square cream patch with hand embroidered triangles in peach mauve forest green ivory